Vaultek Lockers

2 Year Term Covered

From the date of orignal purchase of ' Regular Safes ', we will, at our discretion, repair (or replace) the unit at no charges to the original buyer.

it does not apply to plastic parts, metal finishing, batteries, or if the product has been damaged by improper installation, neglect, accident, misuse, exposure to extremes of heat & humidity, terrorism, war, the act of God, floods, fire, theft, robbery, force majeure or as a result of service or modification by other than 'Disha Tek Corporation'.

Pistol Safe (Pistol Stand)

Gun Safe (KABA Lock)

Gun Safe (Bio-99)

Gun Safe (Dual Custody)

Gun & Pistol Safe

Gun Safe (Bio-99)

Gun Safe (Pin+Bio)

Gun Safe (Manual Locker)

Gun Safe (Inside View)

Gun Safe (Inside View)

Pistol safe

10-Pistol Safe (OPEN)

10-Pistol (PinBio)

27-Guns Safe

16- AK47 Guns storage.

Gun Safe (Base Locker)

Double KABA Mechanical

Dual Custody KABA

PinBio Black Gun Safe

PinBio Off White Gun Safe