The exterior components are hard chrome finished matching the style & look of the safe. Pull Handles, Knobs, Key covers & Tri-star handles are specially finished with leather buffing to give that extra shine even before it is hard chromed. In-line precision is used in welding and mounting the external hinges to give a smooth & effortless movement of the door beyond 180 degrees when opened- this gives a clear view of all things inside. These small things show our commitment that you receive the finest quality safes that give you trouble free operation for years to come. These finely finished components merge with the elegant interiors of your wardrobe giving you that extra satisfaction...


Welded rough spots are fine grinded with electrical tools & then hand filled to give a fine finish. These little things add to the elegance of the final finished product before being taken to powder coating. After this, the safes are subjected to the chemical tank process or sandblasted to remove moisture 100% before it is pre-heated for fine powder coating. Thus ensuring the best coating on the safe which gives you years of brand new look.


For the finest finishing Hand tools are the most dependable in all workshops across the world. Before powder coating, all safes are finished with hand tools to ensure that every safe stands up to your expectations. Each & every part in bolt-works is precision aligned with the hand-tools to give it a personal touch so that you experience a trouble-free & smooth operation of the safe all your life. We take great pride in our finished safes that are meant for a lifetime & beyond.


Smooth, convenient, effortless & secure bolt works movement with anti-skid protection. Well balanced in weight at the handle to give the feel of a positive locking & unlocking, no chance of leaving the safe unlocked when fully bolted. Dependable & time-tested mechanism to give a peace of mind every time it is locked.